• Sunday 9th December 2018
    43 Missioners comprised of University students and JIKers off campus- those that have graduated from the three univeristies where JIK Operates set off to Kamuli to start a mission. While in Muli, Kamuli the JIKers will preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, will raise awareness on menstruation and how this impacts on the high teenage pregnancy, drop out of school and girls poor perfromance. Other seminars on nutrition and breaking poverty cycles will be held alongside door to door and open air evangelism.
    JIK IS Changing one village at a time, one person at a time for Christ.
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  • JIK Raising the now generation of African Donorss, Givers
      The Global South and North binaries have had far reaching impacts on African mindsets and beliefs for a long time. Creating misconceptions that African are poor (er). These mindsets eroded our ubuntuness and solidarity.  African communities in general were made to believe that help has to come from the outside, and this has been the root cause of many of our learned helplessness....
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  • Sisterhood
    On Staurday 17th November 2018, Mama Hariet Nyende launched the first women only fellowhsip within the Jesus is kING Ministries. She hopes that this forum will sharpen women and girls to bedependble and reliable ministers but will also equip them to overcome their limitations and reach thier fullest potential. Women and gilrs are generally known for thier inward strength and resilience virtues...
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  • it very exciting to be here!!
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