As it rewards knowledge of NBA history, it's enjoyable. I see that Shaq is being used by someone and mt for sale 2k20 if I am in an online match, I'm going to be prone to foul him knowing he's bad online. Before, even pink diamonds generally kept to the rule of"historical accuracy" to some extent. In which Shaq includes a 90 three, I don't wish to play a basketball game. I really don't want to utilize a Ben Wallace that is lights from deep range. He took 7 threes in his whole career.... ever. It is not fun to me. It's not realistic and it gets the whole mode meaningless. 2K might as well create a 95 three with this kind of logic plus a Mutombo card with range extender. What is the purpose?

WHY EVEN GIVE NAMES TO THE CARDS Once the NAMES MEAN NOTHING??? And that's why I am done. The mode doesn't mean anything. It is just 2K giving arbitrary players stats. It's like playing a FPS game and the shotguns all have greater precision compared to sniper rifles. It is illogical and I don't want any portion of it. It is not about the money or the greed. I have put up with that for ages. It is about lack of respect for those players memories.

For NBA 2K21 I wish they'd implement a style for MyTeam where no Glitched cards are usable the 3pt Shaqs, Bol Bols, Scalbrines, 3pt Simmons, Opal Alex Carusos, PG Giannis, Opal Tacko etc.. Glitched series cards could only be playable at the Glitched manner or phone it Unlimited whatever this mode you would have raised MT point benefits because you spent for your Glitched cards.The other manner could be a rated MyTeam Builder Mode with cards that are more realistic. The rewards place a greater emphasis on building a team with synergy and would be more My Team Tokens. Perhaps only 3 Galaxy Opals on the group rather like a large 3. Then you would need your adhesive guys and 3 and D experts - Diamond level players. The demand for these men have raised prices in the Auction House so 2K could make money of course and would make them precious.

I dunno one of these modes would have the Team Builder mode that is rated to a monthly subscription fee. And the Glitched mode would make its cash from the cards that are crazy out there. Its just has so much potential, just throwing an idea out there instead getting tired of MyTeam and it has ruined by these cards. I feel like theres no authentic building a MyTeam its only"Buy this weeks new crazy cards or your group will probably be obsolete $$$" Maybe they could use kind of a MtG strategy of Standard and Modern so as to sell fresh packs along with the Glitched cards are like the banned cards Magic has that arent allowed in competitive play.

I get what you want to say (mtg reference was great ) and it was"kinda" utilized previously. We had"seeds" where you could only use 1 gold, then 3 golds then a few stone etc.. The bad thing about this was for moving up those seeds, there was an team that is best. It functions in card games such as MTG only because they have several styles play (controller,mid range, aggro) and its kinda balanced. In 2K what's broken. 5-out or float. A play run and the next time it wont work. However much they will attempt to buy nba 2k20 mt balance a style like this, a cheesy card will probably slip in and its over.