There are many villagers with different personalities living in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The difficulty lies in how to choose gifts that others like themselves without spending too many Nook miles Ticket. By sending the right gift, you and the villagers will get real happiness. Players need Buy Nook miles Ticket to maintain the financial expenses of sending villagers gifts. The following guide will introduce players to how to choose the most suitable gifts to meet the needs of others.

Players greet these villagers at least once a day to form a wonderful communication relationship. They may get some effective game tips from the words of talking with the villagers or the villagers will give you DIY recipes directly. But don’t talk over five times so as not to annoy them. The players will get the game tips when the time for the players to talk to the villagers reaches the standard. They give gifts to villagers every day to increase the friendship score between the two from 25 to 200. If the players do not take the villagers seriously, the friendship score between the two will drop until the villagers angrily leave the island where the player is.

Secondly, players need to let the villagers know how much energy they have spent to prepare gifts. The villagers can see from the packaging of the gift whether the players are seriously preparing the gift. Players can buy some beautiful wrapping paper at 160ACNH Bells to wrap gifts. After seeing such exquisite packaging, the villagers will wonder what gift is inside. Good packaging will also increase your friendship points with the villagers.

The villagers did not care whether the gifts were expensive. Even if the player provides flowers or music to the villagers, the friendship points can increase by 2 points. If the gifts are too expensive, the villagers will give you back the ACNH Nook miles Ticket or other valuable things. Players must never confuse villagers with expired videos or garbage, which will reduce friendship points by 2 points.Players will send the corresponding clothes according to the preferences of each villager, which will increase the friendship points between them by 2 points. If the clothes are not suitable for the villagers but the villagers feel that you have prepared the gift carefully, they can still get 1 point. It is best for players to observe the dressing styles and preferences of each villager to deliver the correct clothes.

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