Pretty sure Vanescula isn't the greatest fan of Saradomin, yet she is site manager for the Everlight.Also, because Tegdak literally introduced Archaeology outside Senntisten about 13 years before it really became something. Vanescula is the website manager because she's only interested in turning the Everlight off, not because she cares about antiquities. The goblins have no ulterior reasons for being interested. A great deal of folks hated out of researching personalities etc, that didn't stop historians. People despise killers, OSRS gold nevertheless on streaming services true crime tales are killing it.

Not only that. Stuff gets confusing due to jagex and the 6th era assuming your personality has lived through the age. I saw a post once that suggested we proceeded all 5th age quests right into a meeting history subquest series which might be a good idea.A great deal of quests are outdated and must be reworked or in least grapically upgraded but I don't have any idea how/if they're gonna do this. Zanik storyline is a trainwreck and Jagex is much more often than not a meme.

I remember coming back following a year off at a point and suddenly there's these voiced'Signature Heroes' speaking as though they're these veteran bastards and that we've been on adventures together and we are all old companions or some thing and by Zamorak lady, I have never met you in my life. Back away, woman that is crazy. Then of course they keep showing up and it is lame. But hey, at least we got a whole bunch of quests that the Gods got fleshed out more from their two dimensional selves, and which lets us be loyal to our chosen God.

Same boat that is specific. It is like, I've been runescape gold 2107 around longer than you and you're treating me like a man? To be honest, in their own eyes you ARE the guy. For all we know, they have been living in this world for a long time. They are always out there adventuring while us"adventurers" are only grinding unnecessary skills like cooking, so it's very likely that they're the heroes that are veteran they assert to be. Anyways gamers can't have more than 100 pursuit points and if they do, they only space barred every bit of dialogue that came up.