Recently, Grinding Gear Games announced a very important thing, the Beta version of Path Of Exile 2 will be released next year, mainly due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia. The flu pandemic has caused many industries to Buy POE Items make appropriate adjustments, so the delayed release of the Beta version of Path Of Exile 2 is reasonable. Although Grinding Gear Games has always been committed to making the league as punctual as possible, but due to the epidemic The reason, the sequel can only be delayed.

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The developer also addressed the week-long delay for Path Of Exile’s latest expansion, Harvest, further because the state of future updates. “Normally we treat a 13-week development cycle, launching one expansion per season.  Since Harvest required 14 weeks of development, this implies that if we don't adjust our schedule, the September and December expansions would hit quite late in these months.”

It added that the later release of the currently unnamed September expansion “would likely be fine, except for the December expansion. It'd be dangerously near Christmas when many of our staff would be taking day without work to spend with their families. Fewer developers airs standby to assist out if any issues arise.”

As such, Grinding Gear has planned a shorter development cycle for the September expansion, which might be “just 12 weeks after the launch of Harvest”, noting that “if everything goes well, our December expansion may occur earlier and leave more room before the vacation period.”

However, the developer cautioned that the discharge windows were “still subject to alter, so don’t book it slow off until we are able to confirm the launch date more firmly.”

Before the official announcement, Grinding Gear also revealed that they will release the Mac version of Path Of Exile in the second half of this year. This version is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In other dungeon crawler news, Blizzard Entertainment is about to release an action role-playing game, Diablo IV from game director Luis Barriga. This game contains many details, such as Camp mechanic, storytelling style and multiplayer game mode. Grinding Gear has always been committed to providing players with a better gaming experience. As long as players maintain confidence and interest in Path Of Exile, you will definitely get many different gaming experiences, adding some fun to your complicated life. Now players will choose Buying POE Currency in the MMOAH store. This online store has been very popular recently, mainly because the price he offers is so low that it attracts many consumers. In addition, it is also a store with a very high credit rating, so you don’t need to worry about any risks.