I like the neighborhood and the content creators. There is so much social lore to RuneScape game that really makes visiting the subreddit. RuneScape is great for what it is. I take pleasure in the elevator ride. While I do like runescape a bit. I get the impression that I returned due to nostalgia. Got membership for the first time this month. Half way in I stopped RuneScape gold playing with it came back to me performing quest and that I didn't see the fun in that. Plus I stopped being much of a gamer for whatever reason that I'm in my 20s.

I wager RS3 would double it is participant count over night if you were able to log in to both osrs and RS3 at the same time with the same account. I think connecting the login server was a terrible thought. I understand they did it so that you could contact your friends on RS3 but that is nowhere close to the expert's of allowing one account to connect to both. I'd imagine that it might bring the MTX profits up. I understand it is motor work, however they should really put the effort in so it is possible to be logged into both games simultaneously - many modern software (I know RS isn't ) let multiple log ins. Imagine if you could only be logged into Discord or Reddit on a single device at one time for instance.I would completely afk in RS3 whilst doing OSRS - or perhaps vice versa.

RuneScape osrs and RS3 are massive games the amount of players dwarf many AAA titles that come out osrs has content updates that often it is really hard to imagine it dying anytime soon so I can not see how nerd slayer can tease this. Do you care some arbitrary player x has 120 or even 99 ever? The solution is the same as nobody gives a shit if you grind cheap RuneScape gold your like years back or you buy lamps. Do not buy it if you don't enjoy it. Tbh I had a stance on it and quit for ages. Came back lately and even using a complete 2200+ without bonds and lamps would have taken me years to get current with content.

Not potential working a full time job and running a side business. So what if I spent $40 on bonds to get enough gp to get particular skills up to unlock content. People like you do not realize people were always paying for amounts and GP. The middle person just cuts out. And tbh if it were not for the whales RuneScape are down hill than ever. Runescape is a game from another age of gambling. Gone are the days where individuals will grind for tens of thousands of hours kids do not and won't play a match.