Path of Exile players can choose the entry version corresponding to their preferences to adapt to the new league as quickly as possible. The old players suggested to the novice players that they can find a suitable entry version and practice it before getting into the new league to get POE Currency prepared for the official league. Even if players lack POE Items, they can request transactions with other players with surplus items to get what they want.

The game team assures players that as long as they clear the entry version, the game journey in the official version will become more smooth. In this way, the speed of their cultivation will speed up because of their rich experience. And the vitality and rare materials gained not only provide players with the conditions for continuous play but also make it easier for players to achieve success. The build path is a program that you can use to plan POE build process and minimize it.

Players who want to complete the totem construction can use Freezing Pulse to complete the goals they set. Its damage effect increased from 150% to 200% which shocked the players. It is especially popular among the novice players because of its cheap and simple gameplay. It’s important to note that the build also relies on one of the most interesting game variants that the POE must provide. Players set up totems and shoot at all nearby opponents but only need to collect loot.

Not only that, there are many other interesting entry versions waiting for players to discover. Novice players don’t have to worry about whether the entry version is a bit difficult. They just need to feel at ease to get POE Orbs and POE Items through farming in the game. If they run out of materials they carry, they can either get deals with people or go directly to Buy POE Items. There are also many interesting contents in the official POE forum for players to watch.