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You see, there aren't any “active skills” to Buy POE Orbs level up during a conventional sense – no magic spells, special hits, hexes or whatever else that your character class inherits and has tied to them. Instead, all of that stuff is tied to special “gems” (kind of like “materia” in Final Fantasy 7), that enables any class to use any active skill. Which do level up (as gems), and do have their own requirements in level and main character attributes.

So you would possibly get restricted in how far you'll be able to upgrade your fireball throwing ability if you've got low Int, but you may still be able to use it up until that level. There’s still a skill tree, a huge one, but that one also (also harking back to several Final Fantasy titles) is extremely freeform and that specialize in passive upgrades – upping attributes, your resistances and damage output abilities, health levels and such. And your starting class just means a start line on it passive skills board, but you'll develop it in any direction you would like.

All of the above is additionally paired with an entire lack of “money”, which may be a usual concept for action RPGs. Instead, purchasing and selling works on a more barter-like concept, mixed with a concept of crafting where if you “sell” certain combinations of things, you get a special item. you furthermore may still have several slots for the potions, yet all the potion bottles refill a particular amount per enemy kill and are, thus, reusable, and might even have special additional benefits.

All of this ends up in a motivating situation, completely unique for action RPG titles, where you don't really frolic full of junk and instead only usually care about loot that may work for the character build you’re working towards, more universal items, item modifiers, active skill gems and a few rare and unique loot to sell, craft or modify.

These make the game more and more sophisticated, and also stimulate players to focus on killing enemies, so that your character can gain experience points and eternal upgrades, rather than lying on the ground as quiet as a pile of garbage.