1. Google Stadia's game catalog has grown rapidly, and today it has been confirmed that NBA 2K20 MT will enter the platform along with two other 2K champions.

    NBA 2K20 is one of Stadia's first major games when it launches in 2019, so it makes sense that the sequel will also be available one after another. NBA 2K21 will land on Google Stadia later this year, roughly the same as the game's release on other consoles. Google has not commented, and will not even mock Stadia's NBA 2K21 to match the graphics capabilities of the PS5 mock.

    However, we have reason to believe that the game will not match the trailer when it reaches Stadia. On the 2K website, there are "current version" and "next generation" versions of the game. On Stadia Connect, Google showed the art of the "current era", which may mean that the game will be more similar to the games on PS4 and Xbox One.

     NBA 2K21 is the latest title of the world's best-selling NBA 2K series, providing an industry-leading sports video game experience. NBA 2K21 has first-class graphics and gameplay, competitive community online features and a rich variety of game modes, allowing you to immerse yourself in all aspects of NBA basketball and culture, everything is in the game.

    In addition to the NBA, 2K Games will bring Stadia two other titles this year. One of them is the PGA Tour previously announced for the platform and WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

    A brand new WWE game experience with arcade-style action and top Superstar design, environment and action. Whether you are a casual game player who just learns the ropes, or a passionate fan who is ready to perform all actions, 2K21 MT can provide another way to appreciate the action of WWE video game.