Hot Wheels and game developers Psyonix have teamed up for their popular over-the top football league mash and rocket racing game version of reality. No speed improvements are included, but two war game from cars can be taken on-site and trying their opponent's goal, consolidate an oversized football.

Hot Wheels RC Rocket League Trading opponents game was unveiled at Toy Fair in New York, it comes from video games and authentic Dominus octane vehicles. The group also includes the game ball, the stadium, as well as charging base.Both battle to control the car from your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. Automatic score any goal by built-in ball scoreboard infrared sensor. Sound that matches the video game will also be added to the desktop version.

The group also includes some code that will unlock the proprietary game project for the first time, Hot Wheels and rockets Union join forces in a rocket League matches.This ISNLast year, the game DLC adds two Mattel's most popular styles, Toy Fair preview conference bone oscillator and a double mill III.After a hands-on, CNET compared it to a table football game, they point out, car It can be set to ten different speed levels.