In the next month, all sports game fans will be in a state of excitement, because many sports game developers choose to release new games during this time. For loyal fans of the NBA, NBA 2K21, which will be released on September 4, is undoubtedly the most attractive, because this series of games has always been regarded as the best basketball simulation game and supports many different platforms.

The recent news about NBA 2K21 has caused controversy among players. While games such as Madden 21 provide free upgrade plans for players who want to use next-generation consoles, the developers of NBA 2K21 chose to Buy NBA 2K21 MT develop the next-gen version of the game separately. Then the developer announced in the game pre-sale price list on the official website that the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 is $10 more expensive than the current version. This means that if players want to experience the game as early as possible and plan to get a better gaming experience through a new generation referral, they need to spend more money than planned to purchase two versions of the game, unless they choose to purchase the price of 99.99 US dollars Mamba Forever Edition. This version is similar to the deluxe version inherent in the NBA 2K series. The developer released this version to commemorate the late great player Kobe Bryant.

The publisher Take-Two Interactive believes that it is reasonable to charge additional fees for games on PS5 and Xbox Series X, because the development team has significantly upgraded the game for new hardware, aiming to provide players with the best gaming experience. Additional development work means higher costs, so the price increase of the game is inevitable. And the price increase this time is very moderate, any player can easily buy the game they really want.

Zelnick then added in an investor call that next-gen game pricing would still be selected a "title-by-title basis", suggesting not every Take-Two release would see the identical increase.

The publisher will release a brand new version of thieving Auto 5 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X within the last half of 2021, with visual and performance upgrades plus next-gen exclusive additions to multiplayer portion thievery Auto Online. there isn't any word on what quantity this update will cost, or if existing owners are able to upgrade somehow.

Despite being questioned by some loyal players, Zelnick still insisted on his opinions and explained that the price increase was a decision made after discussion by the company's management. Most importantly, they are quite convinced that the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 can make players feel that they are worth the extra $10 for this game.

In addition, he also opposes that players and game media regard the price increase of NBA 2K21 as a sign of the overall price increase of the game industry. They are just speaking for themselves, not enough to represent the entire game industry. In any case, Buy MT 2K21 at MMOSPT is the best choice, because enough NBA 2K21 MT can help players win more easily in the game. As a third-party game service website with extensive experience, MMOSPT is committed to helping players save money and enjoy the best quality service.