I have played RS off and on because 2006/2007, I liked the OS content when it was new, and eoc frightened me away like the majority of the community. RS3 has a massive number of quests, and RS gold many have rewards that help you somehow or another even when you are done. On top of that, they can provide good filler space to if skilling gets boring, and you require a break or a different means to earn exp.

There is QOL constructed into RuneScape to prevent needing to spend hours doing things that really should only be carried out once. I like not needing to amass a knife and lose an inventory space for this, I like being able to travel the entire world on a whim without half my stock being taken up by teleports. I enjoy having my run run out because I spent a few hours on agility. The QOL is a huge factor for me personally and it's hard to lose it all when playing OSRS. The skilling at RS3 is much faster, and a whole lot more afk than OSRS. I do delight in skilling, therefore it being quickly and much more afk enables me to do other things and make progress quicker than I could playing OSRS. In addition to this, I will work without feeling like I have wasted who knows the number of hours getting there towards the material I enjoy.

The combat system of RS3 is the very best part of RuneScape for me, particularly endgame bossing (that I needed to skill to achieve ). I love being challenged to discover the DPS rotation and blend of teams and perks to work with, although I'm not the best PVMer. I love vorago, a boss who takes 3+ individuals working to conquer. A boss that can challenge you just about endlessly with benefits rising together with the difficulty, also telos. The pvm in OSRS pushes me off because it feels like there isn't any interaction, the most I will do is run around and pray flick and hope I have the very best equipment possible. In RS3, you can have armor along with a t75 weapon and if you're good at it, then you can out-perform someone in a t90 weapon and t90 armor. I like that I will do something based on my abilities and expertise, and get rewarded for it.

I don't really care. I played RS2 within my teenagers (mid-30s today ) mainly because I had been interested at the botting facet. I only got into playing RuneScape once RS3 came out. Playing OSRS tried because it was nearer to what I'd played when I was younger, but I was turned off by how much time it took to walk to places. It felt like I spent more time walking than I did really doing something, and I'm an adult with Best OSRS Gold site a lot going on, so it felt like I was wasting too much of my free time never actually getting to play RuneScape.