EA announced that it will start with players at launch. There can be three human players on each side. At the beginning, I found the blog that you can only play cooperative style because of the use of terms such as duo and threesomes, which usually refer to this type of game.

EA launched the "Crazy Racecourse 21" game console version. Although it has undeniable quality and the appeal of Madden 21 Coins, it seems to have confirmed that some fans are most worried about this game.

"When you play the game by yourself, you will be able to switch to any player on the field. They are your squad. In a two-player game, each of you will control your own avatar and two NFL stars. In a trio game, you Each will control another NFL star. In the game, you will always start from the avatar, and the partner player’s color indicator will be displayed below the partner player, corresponding to the color of your squad player. If any of your players become Players, we will automatically switch you to them."

In the final analysis, it seems that at least from the beginning, the "yard" has no player-to-player concept. They are all cooperatives, not ideal. This seems to be the answer provided by EA to fans who may be dissatisfied with this dynamic.

"Why not use a complete 6v6 human? When making The Yard prototype, we tried various combinations, from 7v7 to 3v3. We can only control 6 players by 3 people at most, because this is focusing on your "Avatar" "A good balance is achieved between ensuring that as many players as possible participate in each game." When players cannot guarantee the benefits in the game, they can Buy MUT 21 Coins approach.

Although the actions, concepts and customizations may initially attract people, it would be a shock if there is enough space to attract fans to participate. Taking this online mode, but restricting players from competing with each other, is like inviting someone to a barbecue, but just giving them a side dish.

Maybe EA will add this release, but as it has already been introduced, it's more like a mockery of what might be a great model after being enriched.