Wang also confirmed that the Badge system from NBA 2K Coins is coming back for this year's match. "I believe that you'll discover that more badges will probably possess merit and fight for a place in your badge loadout, providing you more effective tools to take over games at a more diverse manner," Wang explained. "And here's some good news that I know the community will love. Quick Draw was eliminated by us and place back release rate to the Jump Shot Creator. So that's one thing you won't need to waste your precious badge points on."

Wang stated players can anticipate gameplay details to"all the goodies" on PS5 and Xbox Series X in the coming months. That which we do already know about the next-gen versions of NBA 2K21 is that they will offer radically improved loading times and better images but the featureset for the variants hasn't been confirmed as of yet. NBA 2K21 has very big shoes to match, as the past year's match sold an astounding 14 million copies to be the highest-selling entry in the franchise of all time.The 2K community might be the most stubborn Gambling community out there

The trailer isnt even outside for one hour and people are spamming mike wang on Twitter to change the shot meter even though they havent played NBA 2K21 for a second. I can see it happening. 2K21 drops. Everyone has to know how to perform with it which means they get pushed from their comfort zone and instead of adapting to the changes, they flood 2Ks and mikes twitter and essentially force them to revert everything. And then in november everyones burned out because NBA 2K21 feels like last decades.

I dont believe criticising a match is a bad thing but do we at least wait till we've got some badges? I want new items. I would like to adapt to a gameplay that is new and another meta. I am hoping they do not fuk with stuff after launching unless it is legit broken and get some nuts this past year. They'll do some actual nice changes however the vocal minority will yap and yap and they'll destroy it.The problem is, not a single person actually said"change the meter." No one said alter it, although people said to remove it. Nevertheless, that. When we request a slew of items, and the first thing we get is something we did not ask for, I think it's fair to be mad.

People need to realize that in the end of the afternoon, the neighborhood doesnt develop and create NBA 2K21. 2K does. What the community states, yells about, asks for, DEMANDS even, doesnt mean shit to 2K, they'll do exactly what they want to do since it is their game, none. When the community, who's continually complaining, constantly continues to purchase whatever is released year after year, regardless of the blatant disregard by 2K of those communities desires and suggestions, they are the fools for purchasing the exact product they dont want. 2K makes the business decision to release the things that they know the masses are going to purchase. Only if you idiots affect their sales numbers and stop purchasing it, would any company that is wise start to do what they're being told is impacting their earnings.

I was speaking in general. I leave or could take the shooter meter. However, if you or anyone is angry over something really simple like a shot meter then that is on you. After playing with it for x amount of Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins time it will be similar to any other shot meter. Or turn it off. Back to my point tho, gameplay changes will be made by them for the better and ppl will whine until it is reverted back to shit. Honestly what a thing to complain about. You may already alter your shot to what you want in 20, it is not like you are gonna be made in case you really hate it so bad to use the new one.