That is why it pays to at least wait until the Q&A intended for RS gold now since now this post does not age as well. That boss sounds like exactly what the game needs to spice up fishing. As an OSRS player, I don't understand why players still play rs3 if this bugs them much. Plus the notion that you are already paying for OSRS. Am I missing some thing? Hey we're getting new mtx promotion! Take that OSRS.

To be fair, the skilling boss is copy and paste of a different skilling boss in osrs plus a significant chunk of the playerbase isn't pleased about it. Do not worry, we'll get another MTX material copy-paste shortly enough.

At this point if it would speed things up, I would rather see them begin to rewrite RS3 from the bottom up. We got the upgrade to stunt mine and some people reported busted banks. If a graphical upgrade breaks core characteristics of our personality, Jagex seriously needs to think about building a (largely ) future proof code on the game's bottom level. No longer"engine work" explanations, no longer"spaghetti code", and no more tick rate excuses. It would be quicker and cheaper to rewrite it QA'ing something only for something unexpected to crack on release. Osrs actual game.

If not for OSRS Runescape could have probably been shut down entirely by today, how bout instead of complaining try being thankful that our game still exists. Eliminate the sinking boat. Cut your losses and start playing with OSRS. Did somebody say my name? This is cool, but OSRS nevertheless has a long way to go just like RS3.

RS3 does progress, it simply isn't valued as much I'd say. Mahogany houses is cool, but is it better than, say, Changing Tombs? The matter is that no one cares about Changing Tombs because it is high work. Even if rewards are solid or buy RuneScape gold it's adequate for training - which just does not matter to most people. Why would they bother doing a top effort strategy if they can AFK?