It's still the exact same useless move. To start with, it seems hard to Nba 2k21 Mt activate. But when you triumph, why the hell your man doesn't go into the basket? Rather than moving closer to the rim, it will take a sort of fade slow animation that's not possible to hit. Let's see if I can explain this so everyone understand that it has to be addressed to devs. It is literally impossible to use the aiming system in layups. To start with, because there are like hundreds of unique animations and it happens so fast you can't react to them. But most significant. In this kind of layups you have to hold right stick in a particular direction, so then it is completely impossible to flick the stick in less than a second to aim the target. This shooting method shouldn't apply to layups. There's no opportunity to react to it.

Just watch among joeknows stream of this demonstration. Got it guys! Hold the electricity bouton on the change and then wait patiently till the Turn closes. Then power on the change and Voila! Dropped 27 as a scoring machine. Largest takeaway: Quick break slashing is OP on rookie difficulty. Lateral quickness is more important than speed for freedom to actually shine. Shooting took a hit this year so having the ability to lock those that can shoot is a necessity. Some badges need buffed while some need nerfed. HOF slither fin needs a buff, HOF select pocket needs nerfed.

What is your opinions on a mid range slasher construct. It appears to be somewhat similar to the interior out playmaker from this season I made one today and I got contrasted to steph and trae. Is dunking value a playmaking badge? I'm creating a play shot of construct and have everything fairly sound on features, but my dip is essentially nonexistent and I have 17 extra feature points to make him dunk or place it on others so I could get another badge. I've 6 defensive and 23 playmaking. Suggestions?

You currently have enough playmaking badges and dunking is not so significant on a playshot. Just got off work and been trying out the presentation and I am fairly disappointed. The shot meter is a abomination and taking away the simplicity of pressing down on the stick to dribble behind your back but today I need to press diagonally depending on the flip side. Considering not even getting the game now.

Pretty sure you can change it back to 20 at the full game. Also I thought the exact same but I played some quick games and that I love the pro stick so much. I feel like I have already mastered it, getting the heart point. Gameplay can also be feeling a great deal better. This game feels just like what 2k20 should happen to be basically. I will definitely play this before next gen. Simply play the game and really take time to learn and adjust, it is fun and gets improved. Demo still an L shaped but gameplay is looking great so far, ideally mike wang does not ruin it after children complain. I also got a hang of buy mt nba 2k21 the dribbling now too, didn't take long.