According to the performance of the 2020 NFL season, EA will make major adjustments to Madden 21's ratings every week. So, who should go up this week and who should go down? The scores of hundreds of "Maddy 21" players are adjusted every week, but only a few are the biggest winners and losers. This is our prediction of the biggest winners and losers in Week 4. Players can Buy Madden 21 Coins to get outstanding players.

Odd Beckham Jr
Odell Beckham Jr. is likely to be the biggest winner in the fourth week of Madden’s 21 Weeks roster update. The Cleveland Browns have a good start to the 2020 NFL season. In Week 4, Odell Beckham Jr. showed off potential fans of the superstar. Beckham Jr. pulled in 2 receiving lanes out of 89 receiving yards, and even ran another lane out of 73 rushing yards.

Joe Mickerson
Joe Mixon proved all doubters wrong in the fourth week of the 2020 National Football League (NFL) season. He led the Cincinnati Bengals to win the first game of the year against the Jacksonville Jaguars. victory. Mixon ran 2 TDs at 151 yards, and brought another receiving TD, which piled up another 30 yards.

NFL is not all rainbows and sunshine, they will feel more in the ratings department in Madden 21's 4th week roster update. The Cincinnati Bengals' top pick option in offense has done little to win major contracts that expire after this season. The fourth week was even more disappointing for AJ Green, who only received one reception from 5 yards in the first victory of the Bangladesh team in 2020. The biggest mistake Madden 21 score regulator made was Rob Gronkwoski, who started with 95 OVR. Gronk has lowered his ranking in the weekly roster update, and we expect to have more legendary tight goals after week 4, with only 29 yards for 1 catch.

Julio Jones
Julio Jones is the leader of the Atlanta Falcons. Although he is still a legend, he has done little to achieve a huge score of 96 OVR this season. Jones may have had some success on MUT 21, but his rating may take a hit this week. Jones handled only 32 yards in the case of the Atlanta Falcons' fourth loss of the season and has not won by 2020. This is not because of lack of purpose, but attracted 4 receptions. Although Jones cannot be blamed entirely, he must do better to maintain his high score. If you already have a player of your mind, please Buy Madden 21 Coins now to build your ultimate team.