I was worried about how much emphasis there appeared to be on crafting coming to ACNH, because I don't like crafting in games, and thus far my worries were warranted. I played daily until a Animal Crossing Bells couple of weeks ago and there is just no forward thrust to the game making me need to log in and advancement. I played New Leaf for years and never tired of itand today I can not be fussed to even log in more than once a week. Additionally, COVID made me perform a lot more at the start, but not having an away-from-home lunch break has really made me play much less; it used to be an hour every day was built in just for AC, and now it is not.

My daughter plays ACNL every day at this time, and I find myself missing a lot.

Frankly the biggest disappointment for me is how hollow all of the villagers are. Landscaping and decorating obtained a wonderful increase this moment, I'd rather they focus on fleshing out our interactions with our villagers about the next iteration.

I agree, it seems like villagers have only become set dressing at this stage. They exist solely to accommodate the player as opposed to feeling like actual characters who mainly need to do their own thing. There is also just eight villager personalities so you are certain to get copies on your town.

For me personally, it's how fine I can make everything look, and then it's completely meaningless.

People post beautiful screenshots of their friends hanging out, but not one of the things DO anything. I would enjoy it if you could have a variety of minigames as you move. If I put up two football goals within an area and use some kind of tool to designate the area for a field, provide me a cheeky little soccer minigame. If my buddies come in my home, let us all play some darts or even a board game.

And do not get me wrong, I really like the game. I have played with a scary amount of hours, and still take great enjoyment from planning and decorating. But I just wish things happened after I put it up. Let us let Ribbot use the workout area he's got. Reneigh simply stumbled into an outdoor restaurant set up, maybe her and Melba want sit down and do something. Roald has his combat helmet on and the fireworks show is happening, allow me to get in his home and help calm him down.

Dude minigames would conserve the series 100 percent, or being in a position to interact with items in a more pleasing way (possibly zoom up on the product and let you play with it idk). And also to cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items designate a group of items as a bigger whole thing ( like the soccer goals)