Clans, clans, clans -- that is all I appear to RuneScape gold hear about in the office nowadays. In light of this, and of our rather epic'Clan Celebration Month', I've decided to start my own clan, but would like to be certain that it is bigger, better and cooler than every other clan that's ever existed. EVAR! That's where you come in. I want YOU! All of you to register and join me. So. . .if you join me we can start stomping on innocents, looting villages and pillaging all of Gielinor in gold. Alternately, if this sounds somewhat energetic, we can always enslave different clans and get them to do the hard work for us.

Who's with me? Who is going to join us to select the rest of them ? Allow me to know by posting the sign up forum thread to demonstrate that you have joined the clan. We need as many folks as possible so that we can really make our mark on the clan world. When I say'make our mark', I mean'stomp into oblivion':D As much as the idea of starting an awesome clan stones, I believe we're likely to need an equally amazing name if we are going to make a genuine effect on the clan world. This is where you come in. Can you think about a cutting edge name to the clan? If possible, please post it on the clan name tips thread.

I'm going to be collecting the very best clan names from the suggestions thread and upload them into a poll right here on our FB page. From there, you can vote on the best one. The future is ours. I'm saving up for my fantasy armour (currently have about 42 mil) and I want to know what u guys think about it. Berserker helm (dont want to do the search to get neitz for the extra 3 prayer bonus). We dont need to listen to things such as"get flame cape, barrows gloves, zerker ring (I), and neitz." I know these items are better than what I posted, but my goal isnt to get them. They might be in my second goal, but all of those items are extremely time consuming and hard to get, or just not worth my time right now. Now for my rationale with this particular armour...

This really is a terrific non degradable installment. Its ideal for pvp in a secure place (cw, duels, ect...) because it's great range protection, slash protection, and wonderful strength bonus. Why I use the dfs rather than the d def is because bandos provides little slash defense when compared to other armours. That offsets the bad defense and gives 1 extra str bonus.

When coaching in places where damage taken isn't a factor (pc), I will replace the dfs together with the d def. When coaching str I will use a ss. What do you guys think? Do you like it? I think the most contentious portion of the armour is the dfs in place of this d def in pvp. I think it'll work and see many large levels use a dfs with bandos for buy OSRS gold the reasons ive mentioned previously.