I have to ghettorig it by Madden nfl 21 coins developing a different trainer, going into that group, editing the contracts match, making the trade, then retiring that coach and going back into the og coach, is ridiculousDo people really give 2k to their soccer matches? Together with the house filled with decorations and collectibles? I'm only waiting for Madden to allow me to gouge ticket prices and stadium concession prices . Just feels more polished to me.

You can kinda perform a induce trade by editing the other teams player which you would like so that all their attributes are set to 0, then they will either get cut the next week or you may trade for them to get nothing. Usually when this is posted on gaming subs every year that the posts get a couple thousand likes, mostly from individuals who do not even play Madden anyways. Even those that do if they are swayed not to purchase madden are a few thousand. Redditors make not even a fraction of Maddens earnings, but the men and women who buy it every year aren't on reddit.Just buy the game used. That way they do not make money off it.

I buy Madden a year when it comes out for like $10 used.I wish they had more variety..like I am a certified hip hop mind and love what it means for our culture and people but god damn do I get tired of hearing the identical . I miss the alternate rock/pop / heavy metal featured from the Madden games.It is made to appeal to a certain group of individuals. On Madden 19 I'd like every tune turned off except Pusha T and Jay stone. I got sick of this at some stage and just turned off all music. Now they for the most part only have fresh style rap music. Some stone thrown in would be cool, or even some old tunes like 2k does.

I am pretty sure KRS 1 is about 2k20.I'd like to hear some soft stone or something. Not just in general, I just mean in general culture..you hear rap such as 24/7.Back in the day I found new music via video games. My favorites audio tracks were from NFS Underground and NFL Street series. They both had a fantastic mixture of Mmoexp Madden 21 coins rap and rock.I am so happy he is getting exposure here. Everyone I have played with his songs with has loved it.Madden 2002 obtained the GOAT soundtrack.

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