Patch notes for World of Warcraft: The previous Mage Nerfs and Demon Hunter have been fixed

Prior to the release of the much-anticipated Shadowlands expansion, Blizzard has not only released pre-patches, but also made some important updates to the World of Warcraft Classic and the Battle for Azaroth.

Last week, between October 14 and 22, there were a series of different updates in the game, but some of the most important updates were launched after October 19. These changes include a large number of changes to certain categories, items, missions, and bug fixes that players like most in the game.

Some of the major changes that these patches will implement apply to game major classes. The healing level of the game has been greatly enhanced, especially the priest’s "Atonement" has been changed to increase the lower healing level characters obtained from spells. In addition, using the priest with you "Blade of Twilight" allows players to use Tirisfal Camp Scroll to return to Whispering Woods.Buy WOW Classic Gold

Healers are not alone in seeing some positive changes. The Demon Hunter also saw a revised version of a bug that can use Demon Spikes to lower armor while polishing. At the other end of the spectrum, the Mage class has obvious exhaustion. "Arcane Pummelling" loses 40% of its damage per wave, and Vision of Perfection is no longer Rune of Power.

There are also changes to the head gun. Another significant change in this patch is in the tactics and blink trigger head gun. The use effect of its cooling time has been significantly increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. This makes firing these bullets more difficult, and you will have to use them more carefully.

As Hallow’s End dominates the WOW Classic Gold game, players will be happy to hear that the Hallow’s End Candy Bucket in The Veiled Stair has appeared in various stages, providing food for any passerby anytime, anywhere!

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