You are finding almost every update (besides WoFibc ones) geared toward your player group fun and RuneScape gold engaging... Yes! Jagex is doing a great deal of stuff right! I think part of this motivation that fueled the squeal at the first place is that people often complain of"the mill." So Jagex answered that complaint by implementing a mechanism (the squeal) that lets folks accelerate the levels of the choice (giving away ability lamps as a frequent prize). That's all well and good. But it's the combination of selling twists for real world cash and giving off skill lamps as a frequent decoration that's the problem. Further, what's especially infuriating is the hypocrisy. Jagex screams bloody murder when folks engage in RWT, nevertheless they're running their very own RWT scheme.

Yes I read OP but putting another slant on it while answering the crucial question: Assuming this bullet pointed list is/were accurate, do you think the SoF should be shut down or substituted? Regrettably for Jagex theyre working against (@ least) 3 strikes at an extremely competitive & frequently changing sector;

1) An old (10 years+ ) sport that despite routine updates & changes over time, is still generally percieved as a classic not the"next thing" ( such as MOH & Counterstrike - still alot of gamers but not regularly maintained besides servers online that are normally player responsibilities)

2) A massive gamer prejudice against Runescape as"a kiddies/starter MMORPG". As there 1 that the regular maintenance & updates over the decades belie this perception, giving the game a greater depth and quality compared to rumour, but many won't even look as of what they have read/heard.

3) Poor marketing placement. Jagex/Insight Ventures still rely mainly on internet based advertising & word of mouthwith a few exceptions like the gamer awards & intermittent TV advertising in limited countries bringing the match to the notice of those who otherwise wouldn't be aware. The only other mainstream mentions of Runescape have a tendency to be in news articles where the slant is definitely negative (theres been a few pedophile/ scammer cases over the years) which may bring attention but generally not of the sort that's desired.

The SORWT SOF is an attempt to keep cash flow from a community that's decreasing with people growing up & quitting play with less new players coming in every year while not addressing the issues that I raised above. This is a minimal expense way to attempt fix a problem but has been causing more instead, im not a CFO & dont have access to the books but buy OSRS gold also the constant tweaks imply its not performing the job as matters stand.