After EVE Online entered South Korea, localization began. It is a pleasure to talk with Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, the long-term CEO of CCP Games. We learned what their team has achieved in the past few months. We can learn a lot about EVE Online from localization to projects on the roadmap and short answers to the Nova project.

What can CCP Games learn from the chaotic times and power outage experiments? How will CCP's future plans for EVE Online be affected?

Potential stagnation in the game can be solved, how to solve them or how to start, this is a very cruel thing. In this era called chaos, we still have a lot to learn. The work that begins in the summer will be gradually pushed into more structural chaos by us. Our main input will be on some content related to mineral distribution and other resources related to Buy EVE Echoes ISK the economy. It is difficult to predict the outcome and development is also difficult. The economic and political systems have stagnated. These things now seem to be very easy.

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The EVE Echoes ISK rolling two-week release cycle is the most discussed thing in Vegas, and there is a dedicated team to complete the release. We are too biased towards the long-term roadmap and invasion, and I hope this situation can be reduced as soon as possible. I hope everyone can pay attention to this issue.

Nullsec has merged with a few large alliances since the end of the Galactic War last year. There are about 50,000 characters in alliances like the Empire and the Traditional Alliance.The concept of EVE Echoes has appeared very early, but the project was not followed up at that time. As a mobile game derived from EVE Online, EVE Echoes is also under great pressure. What MMOWTS can do for players is to provide players with EVE Echoes ISK on the website.