In terms of the last part about eve isk the insect though that is not a bug, those figures are meant to be percents and so long as you do not clear formatting on these cells any amount you enter should be a percent. The sheet provides a percentage sign for you. I'd love to alter these to drop downs actually but I have not managed to find anyplace that clearly defines what the potential set of values are these ranges.I just verified it loads the appropriate amounts for the Maller. Most likely the issue is multiple men and women are attempting to edit the sheet at once and so you are conflicting with each other. I recommend making a private copy of the sheet to use so that you don't have to compete with other individuals.

Thanks, I made a personal copy before I got the error, but manually typed Maller rather than choosing from the list. After I picked from the list it functioned fine. Edit: can't reproduce this.

Actually I will manually sort anything and find the right numbers, so I have no clue what I didn't break it but it has fixed itself and functions swimmingly.Ya generally speaking, typing in should work fine. The box won't permit you to enter values maybe not in the dropdown. Google sheets may be somewhat quirky with it's calculations. Since it relies on getting information from the external market website there may be occasional blips in which you receive an error or bizarre results if there are communication issues. If anything looks out of place wait a moment or two and attempt again.Thanks. It looks fantastic and is going to save me a whole lot of time.

When you change your manufacturing efficiency, I had to switch blueprints to get it to update the minerals (however, the other regions were nice ). I assume it was glitchy using google sheets and now it functions fine.Ya like I said unfortunately google sheets can sometimes be finicky with the way that it updates but I've confirmed that altering the substance efficiency cell does upgrade the sheet in the way I would anticipate. If you notice anything unexpected, consider changing the value again and it should upgrade properly.Someday I expect the developers release an official api to pull real time exchange data from the game. If that occurs I might develop this out into a fully standalone web application using user account and the whole 9 yards. For today though all I have is the unofficial EVE Echoes Market site so things could be spotty sometimes.

For those of you who noticed the amount of resources not changing when changing blueprints, put this formula in cell G14 and haul it on the rest of the mineral cells to the right to get the correct amounts. (also, remove the space after"Tritanium" in G13)For some reason this is not working for me. I only get a message that Tritanium isn't discovered, which is weird because it's right there at the hidden sheet. I tried both Firefox and EVE Echoes Items Chrome. Sounds like Google sheets is having a bad day?