They push MUT so difficult to earn money and Madden 21 coins I swear they just get the few people who spend stupid amount of money on it every year and think it's a fantastic idea. It is so fucking sad to see what this match is haha. Yo my largest eliminate is how did they make the super bowl celebration even worse than last year. Phew! I am so glad I did not buy this garbage. Can not wait for 2Ks match in 2021. Goodjob on saving your money. Well said. Just a re-texture job while they await following gen. That will also likely be dreadful. The gameplay is just the same in any noticeable way. Elite pro athletes proceeding as though they're in quicksand is a strong lol.

Man I had been trying to get into a soccer game after literally 12 decades or so of not playing. I was raised playing Madden with my step father a day.nd even learned to adore franchise style (even if its something that I didnt completely understand as a kid ). I saw all of the complaints and folks getting mad but I figured I'd give it a personal shot since ive been out of this soccer game world for such a long time. . As a casual its pretty sad, the game just doesnt feel right whatsoever. Some things are choppy, the UI is terrible, and also face of the franchise is simply dull and not thought out. Remember like I said im a casual who was literally going to fork out the 60 dollars or so so I could play the soccer match. Thank goodness for for that EA play thing, saved me 55 dollars or so. . Just sucks since I was really sold on the match just for the fun of playing a soccer game and they messed up. Im having Battlefield V flashbacks. .

I instantly regret my purchase. Main reason being I need a madden when I eventually get the string x, so its not all for nothing. But its a demonstration update with the yard. This might be the smallest improvement ever, its almost definitely the same. I believe I will wait to see if it will appear on the next gen, looking at gameplay I'm not impressed it resembles exactly the exact same thing only a different scoreboard I've invested a lot of time into MUT the previous 2 decades only for people with better teams to conquer more individuals who have broken the game and run exactly the very same defenses and offensive plays simply don't feel like doing it hoping the next gen is better or at least graphically pleasing, I don't know how madden as not upgraded the audience ever it seems lints it's out of a ps2 game lol.

Why don't you support them in doing both? Words are actions, in many cases. Placing out a statement of belief such as this is not simple. I'd hope they're also doing material items to make the lives of the black workers better but that doesn't mean I need to treat this as moot. Putting a public announcement is really a great step forwards for initiatives such as that, because if EA isn't doing enough then it is really easy for people internally to say"Look, our actions are materially different from our stated principles and we ought to do something about that."

At the end of the day should you refuse to admit when a company creates a small step you love then how do they ever learn to make a big step you love? You're treating this just like a political negotiation in which making this small concession implies you won't have the bargaining power to make a larger one in the future. But I don't think that is how this works: EA is testing the waters and learning from their customers whether this is the type of thing they encourage or not. Is the lesson you would like them to learn from all that human decency isn't worth appealing to mut 21 coins buy because it does not actually affect buying decisions?