I also really REALLY doubt ANY devs are looking to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta for inspiration on their business practices.

Destiny experts who dropped all their equipment from the transition into Destiny 2 would love to say hi. At least you'll have to carry over a lot of your things, instead of having to start entirely from scratch.You know Ac and ac things aren't the exact same thing, having a gift card for a shop really isn't the same as possessing something from a shop.

I think part of the issue is that you framing it with the word"investment" An investment is something which you that you see a return . Digital rabbit ears and bikini outfits are not gonna make you more money than you invested.

You are looking at investment by a strictly materialistic real world perspective and ignoring the idea of other types of"return" that come from"investing" time/and or money in to a game.Even if I've cumulatively spent around 6600 on PSO2 and PSO2NA over the last 8 decades, I've gotten more than that in yield in selling AC scrapes for Meseta, amazing cosmetics I can not get in other games, and a gameplay experience no other game ever published was able to provide.

Taking these things and buy PSO2 Meseta dividing them across four games is kind of a kick to the teeth into its own loyal playerbase.

Calling MHW a money grab when they often release content updates with new monsters and gears for all players? The cosmetics are only there in case you want to offer additional support and is no way required to enjoy the match.