For those Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket players who want to move in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo has released detailed information about island transfer tools. What we need to know now is whether players move their islands to new islands, which seems silly. No matter what, your game island will be switched from one Switch to another.

You can use this feature, then your entire island and all residents will be transferred to the new system. Everything on this island will be transferred, including animal neighbors, island residents' representatives, and the entire island residents.

The new Nintendo Switch system will replace the old system. This feature is suitable for all players who have played Animal Crossing. If you have not made a backup, then using the new system is the best way for you to transfer the representative of the island residents.

The new system can be used when a resident wants to transfer. Everything on the entire island can be transferred as a whole intact. One thing to pay special attention to is that representatives of residents on the island cannot make transfers.

This function is very effective when only one player wants to play Animal Crossing. This is a very useful function for residents other than the representative of the island residents. The new animals of the transferred players will enter the new island, and everything will be preserved on the original Nintendo Switch system.

When players are unable to access the Nintendo Switch system, the island backup function can help restore the island’s saved data. The last saved version of the island and all residents will be restored by the island backup.You know, players want to buy ACNH Bells on is very simple. Moreover, you can get cheap tickets from this site.