Some time ago, Grinding Gear Games announced that they decided to postpone its release date to January next year in order to avoid the collision of the POE 3.13 extended release date with the Cyberpunk 2077 release date. The benefits of this are not only conducive to the game team to spend more time to do more detailed optimization of POE 3.13, but also may have a little time left to start the development of POE 3.14 extension. Players can also prepare more POE Currency and enter the game after the actual release to quickly establish a significant advantage.

And based on experience, if GGG released the 3.13 extension on time, it will be a lose-lose situation. So this is also a concession made by the game team. In order to reduce the distrust and disappointment of players towards the game team, GGG decided to release three events on the 4th, 11th and 18th of this month. Until they officially release the POE 3.13 extension, the third event is almost over. Players will enter the first event three days later to enjoy the mechanisms and gameplay that have brought them great happiness and convenience.

The Endless Delve event to release on the 11th is a 100% solo event. It must carry any action of all players out in the Azurite mine for one week. Together, Lilly Roth and Niko will enable players to use skill gems. In addition, they can also use the ascending altar in the mine camp to climb the Azurite mine. The Heist Flashback event that will release on the 18th differs actually from the Heist League players are currently playing. Players need to create a new character after entering an event to start the game normally.

Players who can successfully complete all activities will receive extremely generous rewards after all activities are over. If they still don’t know some parts, they can log in to the official forum of Path of Exile to view the announcement. Before that, they need to Buy some POE Currency and POE Items for themselves to get better results.

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