Many players spent an important week in Week 12 of the NFL. We know that EA likes to update Madden roster based on performance trends. Who will be promoted in the next roster update? Which players will be demoted? Are you willing to buy MUT 21 Coins to get players of the week?

Tyreek Hill won one of the most yards in a single game this weekend. In the shootout against Tampa Bay, Hill had 13 huge picks on 269 yards and 3 TDs. The ball, including the catch that freezes the game. He is demonstrating the level of play that gets players into the 99 club. Since finishing third in 2018, he has joined a struggling franchise, but seems to have been rejected instead of taking it with him. He was not hindered in any way, but he did not help himself either. In the fiasco of the division rival Dolphins, he completed 16 shots for 197 yards and made two interceptions. His release rating has steadily declined from 73, but we think his ranking this week will be further reduced.

This season, no player can change the score like Glenn. After retiring for a while, no one knew how he would come back, and he was promoted with a score of 95 points. This quickly disappeared when we realized that he was not the player we thought he was. But this may be too much. He performed well in the shootout between Buccs and Chiefs. Gronk had 106 yards on the racket from 6 yards away. Goff's season has been steadily improving his ratings. Facing a difficult 49-man defense, he was forced to lack, and the Rams were defeated by their division opponents. Although they have 13 players on IR. He fought for 198 yards and two INTs this week and is not ready to become an elite QB.

Oluokun was the big winner of the season and started the game as a Level 73 player. He has extremely high speed at the center back position and can do it. When dealing with the Raiders, he led the stout Falcons defensively and ran across the court. He played a crucial sack play, and it seems that he has won four games throughout the season. The third round rookie took over the Redskins offense, which was crucial in the division victory against the Cowboys. He has 20 vehicles, 115 yards full, with 3 TDs, one of which waved to the back when the defender threw himself in the dust. If you want to get more advanced players, then you can buy MUT Coins at the famous GameMS.