Tips for choosing the position of the plastic box mold door bin:

(1) Place the gate on the thickest part of the product, and then pour it out from the thickest part to provide better filling and pressure holding effects. If the holding pressure is insufficient, the thinner area will cure faster than the thicker area. Avoid sudden changes in gate thickness to avoid hysteresis or short circuits.

(2) If possible, pouring from the center of the product and placing the gate in the center of the product can provide equal flow length. The size of the flow length will affect the required injection pressure. The center pouring will make the holding pressure uniform in all directions and avoid uneven volume shrinkage.

(3) Gate Gate is a short slot with a small cross-sectional area, used to connect the runner and the cavity. Therefore, in order to obtain the following effects, the cross-sectional area is small: inject ly into the cavity in a short time, and the gate is cold formed; it is easy to disassemble the nozzle; after removing the nozzle, only a few traces are left; filling multiple cavities is more effective Easy to control; reduce overfilling.

There are no strict regulations on the gate design method used for plastic molds (such as plastic dustbin mould ). Most of them are based on experience, but two basic elements must be compromised: (1) The larger the cross-sectional area of the door, the better, and the shorter the road length, the better the effect of reducing pressure, the better the plastic loss when passing through.{2} The gate must be very narrow to facilitate cold formation and prevent excessive plastic backflow. Therefore, the gate is located in the center of the runner and its cross section should be as round as possible. However, gate switches are usually made of molds.