Heist is a new alliance that allows exiles to infiltrate well-equipped facilities and steal some of the most valuable items in the game. Experimental unique items, basic types of POE Currency, and even gems with other quality indicators are associated with this new craftsman. This is all the players need to know about the upcoming

Heist League will also introduce appropriate macOS ports for Path of Exile. For those users who are worried about the performance of the game, GGG has recently overhauled its file structure to speed up loading, reduce failures in battle and fix many errors in the engine. If all goes well, Hyster should perform better than in the past league.

Adding quality to gems in the path of exile always has a static benefit. This will change in Heist, so that all gems will fall and get the replacement quality reward generated when Heist is completed. An example is that the Wrath Aura gives increased burning damage when activated, instead of increasing the radius of the aura. Each gem in the game will have up to three alternative quality rewards for players to find.

The melee role has not been forgotten. Since Impale can be used in most buildings, steel skills such as "Splitting" and "Blood Steel" have been left aside. Grinding Gear Games (GGG) not only comprehensively examines these two skills, but also implements a new "Steel Road" to solve this problem, thereby solving this problem.

Now, the steel skill can work on the ammunition system called "Shard of Steel". Fragments are generated by certain skills and can be consumed by others. For example, Lance Steel consumes fragments to create piercing projectiles. Splitting Steel is a new skill that turns steel shards into turrets to destroy nearby enemies. To obtain a large amount of steel fragments immediately, players can convert Buy POE Currency into a source of ammunition.

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