Animal Crossing: Turkey Day in New Horizons finally appeared. Some new events were added during November and December. Players can get many limited time items by participating in the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells competition. For all this, players need to do a lot of preparations.

On November 26, Franklin arrived at Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the first time as a special Turkish character, and a new event began. A grand Thanksgiving feast is held here to celebrate Turkey Day. Veteran players can get a clear understanding of this matter in the Harvest Festival.

From 9 am to midnight, players in the northern and southern hemispheres can participate in this event. This event lasts for one day, but what is worthy of the players’ happiness is that even after the event ends, players can get those items through other methods.

On November 26, Franklin arrived at the residents' service front yard. As a gift to the residents of the island, he prepared four different dishes. Players can help him transport the necessary ingredients from around the island.

As long as the players come into contact with Franklin, the game begins. As the player, we need to help him determine the specific ingredients required for each dish. After the collection is complete, deliver it to Franklin, and he can cook. At this time, players will be given precious Turkish Day gifts. Repeating to identify these four dishes will trigger additional rewards.

After Franklin finished each dish, he asked for secret ingredients to add extra spark to it. In this way, this matter becomes more interesting. If you want to unlock more Turkish festival foods, you can provide him with suitable ingredients. During the event, the villagers will help you figure out what the secret ingredient is. Players all know that they can purchase some ACNH Bells on to improve their equipment. However, there will be discounted tickets waiting for your arrival on this website.