Imagine becoming so angry about OSRS gold this and waking up that you will need to post to reddit although it has been done a hundred times over. (Tip: RS3, as in another iteration of the runescape game, with that should come updated graphics to stay with the times, however you can't grasp that simple concept for some reason lol).Downvote me to hell, keep getting all butt hurt about a 15 year old game, do nothing with your life in the event that you so choose, whatever.

This is for management and is not a criticism of the mods. The mods are doing God's work and that I appreciate every one of you personally. Your sport is expensive for the services you offer. I pay $132 more than SMM 2 Smash Ultimate and a year old Nintendo internet. For this I get just one profile on a bot-filled spaghetti game which has game breaking bugs. My account security is left to another party email and any breaches are viewed as my fault if they go through your system. So that you ship your devs whenever shit hits the fan to gaslight the community There's absolutely no spokesperson.

Before you even consider trying to squeeze money out of us, how about using that effort to make the runescape game worth $132/year. And by withholding the material, in case you really can't, stop insulting the community we are already overpaying for. We pay for runescape game since we love it. We'll leave again if you need to shatter that trust by trying to squeeze pennies from us. Just like we abandon RS3.Thank you guys but gold means little to me personally. If you would like to provide an award, please gild/silver individuals in the comments that are currently contributing to the discussion. Guys, I don't need almost $40 worth of points that are internet. If you want to spend money give it to some charity or even cheer a streamer or something.

Jagex knows how addicting the runescape game can be, and the number of runescape players have been already grabbed by the balls. That's why they can put in MTX and earn a profit. But that profit will only be short-term for all of the reasons you stated.I'm a long-term youth runescape participant, but I stop between 2011-2016 and honestly those were some of the best years of my life. As much as I like runescape match, you hit the nail on the head, and I'm well prepared to quit back, the runescape game is performing good and can last long duration, but if they want to milk it dry for short term cash, and cater to the new-age pay to acquire community, which completely undermines the entire RS history of a grindy match, I'm out.

That is it, RuneScape is a grindy game, P2W is the antithesis of runescape game. Anyone who RWTs, bots, etc.. completely unworthy of any achievement in runescape game. We live in an age where P2W is your norm, can we only have one game in which you truly need to git gud, put time into it rather than be a pussy bitch using a charge card? To people who want P2W and MTX? You can perform any fucking sport to what is the best way to make money on osrs receive your fix of instant gratification that you did nothing to make, leave us and our game independently.