Although "Grinding Gear Games" strangely never specified quality of life updates in the latest patch notes, fans everywhere may now start to rejoice. In the patch description, the focus is on the Core Supporter Pack that is now available, bringing a new aesthetic to one of the few people on the market who play games for free. More complete details of the patch can be obtained from the official website of the Path of Exile. You can follow, which will bring you more real-time information on the road to exile, and you can Buy POE Currency very affordable.

Perhaps Grinding Gear Games should be forgiven because they didn't mention this new feature and no longer discuss the new supporter pack. As of last year, the Path of Exile has broken through a decade of history, and its profit strategy has been around people who love games, and they continue to support development through optional microtransactions.

These micro-transactions can take other bank tags, specific bank tags used to organize maps, and various forms of currency or aesthetic changes. However, these paid packages will not improve the actual game power of the player. This is also very different when you Buy POE Currency from the currency exchange store. Since this series of veterans may have all the micro-transactions of the banking industry, and even the aesthetics of the exiles may have declined, the core supporter package offers them the opportunity to continue to support development and benefit.

The latest Core Supporter Pack provided is by far the largest suite and is in line with the recent 3.9 overhaul. Having five different sets of backpacks has changed the appearance of the exiles, pets, weapons and even portals, and their collection costs are indeed high. The higher-level support package comes with physical goods, from the exquisite Atlas Conqueror maps are on Atlas's maps, and then Path of Exile signature artwork, these gifts are by no means limited to online appearances. The most expensive support pack sells for as much as $ 480 and brings players more items than they might organize in games or real life. Called the "Orion Supporter Pack", it brings a series of in-game looks, a game manual called "The Labyrinth of the House of Lords", a physical map of Atlas, and even a signed art pack.

The cheapest version is $ 60, titled "Basilisk", and only offers a variety of game looks, as well as digital soundtracks used by all classes.