1 The backup power source requires that the backup power source be derived from a relatively independent power source from the main power source. When the main power source disappears, the backup power source should be able to be automatically or manually turned on to ensure reliability.

2 Emergency power supply The main power supply and the backup power supply disappear to ensure the safety of people and equipment. The power supply is generally required to be independent of the external power supply, so that the emergency power supply can continue to run when the external power supply fails.

3Emergency power supplyEach power supply system that needs this power loadEmergency power supply system includes switchgear and cables, protection

4 To explain: It also requires that the emergency power supply is very reliable. It only requires its main and backup power to be able to supply power when it is lost, that is, the emergency power supply is usually shut down. Allowing the main and backup power to be put into operation within seconds. Start-up diesel generator sets also use DC inverter power supply. Requires a power outage at any time. Power outage (UPS). In normal AC power supply accidents, the electronic switching device is replaced by the DC inverter power supply. The switching time is a few microseconds.

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