The winner, Michael "Volterax" Bryant, representing the Arizona Cardinals, took home $100,000. "It takes about five months to resolve the competition," explained Marcou. From that point, 128 gamers are invited into our Redwood City, California studios to Madden 20 coins play live tournaments in which the champion is crowned."

EA says that viewership for the Madden 20 Club Championship is on par with totals for its Madden 19 Club Championship, but would not disclose specific numbers since monitoring for its inherent TV broadcast has not yet been completed. The championship was broadcast online on Twitch. During the Madden 19 Bowl tournament earlier this year, however, the esport created more than 2.5 million viewpoints and a peak audience of 97,000 spectators. The peak amount of audiences symbolized a six-fold increase, based on EA.

The NFL in an email stated it is only at the halfway stage of the Madden Championship Series season, but early signs indicate that the modifications made into the esport league's leading calendar have been favorable for viewers and gamers alike. "We are anticipating the forthcoming tournaments adapting to both the Super Bowl and draft to complete our evaluation and comprehend the entire impact of this change."

While viewership of all Madden competitions is increasing, it still stays well behind other esports games. Fortnite game developer Epic Games said in August that the Fortnite World Cup Finals peaked at 2.3 million viewers around YouTube and Twitch. Meanwhile, DOTA 2 racked in 1.9 million concurrent viewers because of its The International 2019 team competition last summer.

"But it is important to cheap Mut 20 coins comprehend that Madden is closely integrated into the broader NFL ecosystem.