"The Path of Exile," the final game of "World Atlas" has undergone major changes through "Update Atlas" conquerors. Based on player feedback, there will be further changes in patch 3.10.0 and Delirium League. We have summarized them for you.

Since the release of Atlas Conqueror in December 2019, players on the Path of Exile have been able to experience a completely subversive endgame in the World Atlas. It's no longer a question of fighting the elderly and shapers, it's putting the conquerors of Atlas in their place. Since this revision, developers have collected feedback and made corresponding changes to the Deli Alliance in patch 3.1.0. We will find a lot of new content, new skills, new POE Currency in the new version, everything is worth looking forward to.

Frequent criticism of the new atlas is that the conquerors appear to be arbitrary. Because after the first awakening against the world, when Baran, Veritania & Co's influence was active again in the area, it was very random.

In patch 3.10.0, you must regenerate influence in the area after your first battle with the awakener. This should happen "accidentally but most likely" when accessing a map of the area. If it does, a new icon and a bar appear in the Atlas overview on the left. After the fifth map, you can talk to Kiran and Zana in your hideout and they will send you out through the portal to defeat you. In this new way, you can be more targeted and know how to optimize loot. There are many ways to optimize loot, Buy Exalted Orb is the most efficient, but it is not suitable for novices.

The number of uses for the sole Guardian Stone is three points. This will lead to change. In this way, a sextant with three uses can always be optimally combined with such gems. The reward "The effect of the added modifier on the card (except for the only one)" no longer depends on the wake level, but on the number of completed wake bonus goals. This means that maps are often more difficult, and you can't simply use a protective stone as an antidote as before.