Rogers also made clear that availability would be one of the guiding principles of POE Currency  2, and now having experienced the overhauled method for myself, I can say that it's largely succeeded in streamlining the stock system and reducing the general confusion connected to the original. With Path of Exile's most up-to-date expansion seeking to overhaul these visuals updating the franchise's graphics to the contemporary era is a definite priority for advancement.

Path of Exile 2's artwork popped. The witch, my protagonist, had silky, flowing hair. As I rushed, her robes fluttered and floated. Waters hurried passed in a flurry of foam, and grass shimmered in the wind. It's a world that feels living, dropping the blockiness that is uncanny that I felt while traversing the worlds of the original. Path of Exile 2 feels like a match, along with the visuals feel like they're up to modern standards. In terms of the storyline, I felt that I was far more engaged with the story of Path of Exile two than I was with the first. While the set up stays the same, and I do worry that the sequel is not doing enough differently to encourage folks to take the jump to a completely new game, the plight of the exiles felt dire, and also the opening missions, more exciting.

After I overcame the hordes on the Riverbank and broke to Clearfell's initial pulse world, I was sent on a task to overcome a boss located in a forest landscape that was gorgeous. Of course, it was filled with imps, bloaters and werewolves -- and of course the Tree of Souls, draped with bodies that were lifeless but it was beautiful and teemed with life. The forest trails were scattered with loot and enemies, and allowed my character to level up fast as I broke in my way through the hordes of monsters. By the time that I encountered higher level monsters, I felt well equipped to manage them.

As in Path of Exile Currency , you spend a great deal of time dodging enemies, recovery, replenishing mana and collecting loot, but even the combat feels meatier and aesthetically more impressive. While Path of Exile 2 closely resembles the first game, it will feel like a leap. The inventory system works easily and is good for those looking to balance their build, or gamers, and the narrative kicks off in style that is intriguing. I'd 45 minutes using the demonstration, which is a fraction of the thousands of hours that Path of Exile 2 is likely to entail, but that was enough to pique my interest.Hot on the heels of This Diablo 4 Show, a sequel was announced by Grinding Gear Games, Path Of Exile 2.