• China Home Elevator Factory Share Details Of Maintenance Elevator

    Home elevators. In the duplex home environment of many people now, in order to achieve different decorative effects, they will also install some elevators in their homes. This is what we usually call home elevators. After using the elevator for a period of time, there will also be some problems. At this time, daily maintenance and maintenance of the elevator is required. In fact, if the elevator has been used for a long time, it will make abnormal noises, in order to eliminate such abnormal conditions. Let's follow FUJI HSED China home elevator factory to explore how to maintain the elevator everyday.

    First of all, professional elevator maintenance personnel perform repairs and maintenance on home elevators. They will choose different maintenance methods according to the status of the elevator. These methods can also help us solve various problems of villa elevators. These maintenance work should be performed regularly. Professional repairs and maintenance are essential, and this is a necessary work, otherwise it is likely to interfere with later use. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and maintain it properly. We must take care of this problem carefully, and try to avoid the disturbances that will bring to life.

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  • China Bed Elevator Supplier Introduces The Rules For Selecting Home Elevators

    The progress of the times has brought great changes to people's lives. As an elevator, various new product types have emerged with the development of technology. Therefore, the villa elevator has become a more popular product now. The villa sightseeing elevator can not only facilitate the up and downstairs, but also provide sightseeing functions. The car is also designed with a stainless steel mirror structure, the size is accurate to mm, providing passengers with a comfortable experience. So if you want to buy a villa elevator, China Bed Elevator Supplier introduces how big the villa elevator is?

    1. The most basic size
    Before buying any product, you must decide a lot of related content, such as making the necessary purchase plan, so that you can clearly know what type of product you need to buy to ensure the quality of life. This is a very important thing. When it comes to villa elevator size, the most basic elevator size must be 1600 times 1600mm space, so as to ensure that the internal dimensions and installation dimensions of the elevator can remain normal.

    2. The most basic load-bearing
    Although the size of the villa elevator is a very important purchase detail, we must pay special attention to the weight Weight is also very important. The most basic load-bearing volume is within the load-bearing capacity of 250 kg. At least one to three people must be able to ride at a time, so that it is considered a qualified villa elevator.

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  • China Home Elevator Factory Introduces The Characteristics Of Villa Elevators

    Villa elevators are mainly installed in family villas for users to use alone. With the increase in the number of villas, the sales of villa elevators on the market have also started to increase year by year. Why are villa elevators favored by users? What are the advantages? Below, China Home Elevator Factory will introduce the advantages of villa elevators.

    1. Energy saving
    When many people think of villa elevators, the first thing they think of is that they consume very high electricity. Directly so that users do not need to worry about electricity issues at all, the production technology of Bieshu elevators has gradually matured. Currently, the villa elevators sold on the market consume less electricity and achieve power-saving operation.

    2. Multi-scene application
    Many users worry that their villas cannot install villa elevators. Nowadays, the installation of villa elevators is getting easier and more adaptable. Before installing the villa elevator, the owner only needs to ask professional survey personnel to carry out on-site surveys at home to determine the elevator installation plan.

    3. Decorative
    The current villa elevator manufacturers can provide users with personalized services, and the personalized villa elevators can better integrate into the overall style of the villa, and upgrade the home decoration to a higher level.

    4. The price is right
    Now the price of installing villa elevators is not high, from tens of thousands to two hundred thousand, you can easily install elevators in your home. The price of villa elevators has always been, which is also an important reason why many owners choose to install villa elevators.

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  • Bed Elevator Manufacturers Share How To Use Elevators
    According to the manufacturer of Bed Elevator , during the actual use of small elevators for home villas, it is recommended that everyone should be able to perform various control functions and control all programs, and there is LED display here, so that automatic leveling can be done. Layer of work. In the process of actual use, external calls can be completed, and internal operations can be...
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  • Bed Elevator Manufacturer Shares Knowledge Of Airbag Accumulators For Elevators

    Bed Elevator manufacturer introduced that the maintenance of home elevators generally includes machine room, pulley room, manual emergency operation device, brakes and pin parts and other environments, so that the home elevator is clean, the lighting is normal, there is no abnormal vibration, sound and lubrication during abnormal operation. The movement is flexible, and the brake lining and brake wheel will not rub when opened. The key is that the components are firmly installed. The maintenance time of a domestic elevator is generally half a month, that is, it is repaired once every half a month to ensure the normal use of the domestic elevator, without affecting its service life.
    The workload and load of domestic elevators are generally relatively large. If maintenance is not performed on time, it is easy to cause premature failure of the home elevator or affect normal use. Don't ignore the work of home elevators. Otherwise, it is easy to reduce the use effect and service life of the home elevator. I believe this is not what everyone wants to see.
    China Home Elevator Factory reminds that airbag accumulators used in domestic elevators should in principle be installed vertically (below the oil outlet), and only allowed to be installed in a tilted or horizontal position in space. Install the support plate or bracket in the battery tube. A shut-off valve should be installed between the battery and the piping system for inflation, maintenance and use. The accumulator pump should be installed with a check valve, and the hydraulic pump should be stopped under the storage pressure of the storage tank. Inflatable pressure accumulators use inert gas (nitrogen) to make the working pressure in the form of a battery. Different accumulators have their own working range.

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  • Escalator Supplier Shares The Value Of Elevators

    Nowadays, more and more home decoration villas will install elevators. The installation of elevators in villas has become a trend. The elevators have been widely used in family daily life. However, many home decoration villas are usually entangled in whether it is necessary to install elevators. Good question. The following Escalator Supplier will give you a comprehensive and specific analysis of these issues.

    1. The use of elevators in villas improves the high-end decoration environment, and of course it can also highlight the comfort effect of the villa family. After the elevator is installed, the overall living environment will become unique and will increase the added value of the villa building. The internal space environment will look more high-end, and the effect will be better than traditional decoration, ensuring better use Enjoyment.

    2. Installing an elevator inside the villa family environment can ensure that it is more convenient to go up and down. In addition to bringing more comfortable life enjoyment, it will also bring a higher quality life experience, which is more convenient than traditional stairs. More functions. For elderly people with limited mobility at home, there will be no restrictions on using the elevator to go up and down, so they will get more comfortable enjoyment in daily life, without worrying about falling down.

    The main reason why villas installed elevators are recognized by many families is to bring a unique experience to life. If you want to make your life in the villa more comfortable and more convenient to go up and down, you can install a regular brand elevator. Installing an elevator inside the villa can make daily up and downstairs easier, and as a barrier-free device, it will bring more convenience to family life. More villa elevator installation cases can refer to-villa elevator installation examples.

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  • China Home Elevator Factory Shares How Elevators Prohibit Overloading
    China Home Elevator Factory elevator overload bell rings, the correct way is to prohibit people from entering the elevator The elevators in some residential quarters and commercial buildings are used as freight elevators. The staff blocked one of the boxes of goods on the elevator door, and then moved a box of goods into the elevator. The elevator closed the door several times and was pushed...
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  • China Bed Elevator Supplier Shares Light Elevator Design Skills
    Now most villas or self-built houses, as well as the design of the entire staircase, will add a part of the elevator, so that it is convenient for life, and the society gives us an aesthetic feature in the invisible, many people are light for home Elevators must also be taken very seriously, so during the actual use of such an elevator, China Bed Elevator Supplier introduces how to properly...
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  • China Bed Elevator Supplier Shares How To Take The Elevator

    With the rise of high-rise buildings on the ground, elevators entered the lives of citizens. Citizens may have experienced personal safety hazards such as elevator shut-off and trapping, and failure to stop the elevator, or have seen reports. Elevator technical structure is complex, the shaft is deep, the car is narrow, failures are not uncommon, and accidents occur from time to time. Ordinary citizens will inevitably panic and question the elevator safety. So, China Bed Elevator Supplier will analyze whether the elevator is safe or not?

    Many elevator users do not understand some functions of the elevator and mistakenly think that the elevator is broken, so they call for maintenance, even invited 119, and complained about the poor quality of the elevator. Many of the seemingly "abnormal phenomena" of elevators are not malfunctions, but the protection functions of the elevator itself

    1. Fully loaded elevators do not stop: In order to avoid overloading after the elevator car is full, it will no longer respond to outgoing calls at the next station.

    2. Overload elevator does not go: more and more people know this, most of the passengers who are behind can also consciously withdraw.

    3. The elevator does not close the door or repeatedly open and close the door: there are debris at the door or sill blocking the light curtain or door touch panel.

    4. The elevator suddenly descends to the ground floor and resumes normal operation again: after the elevator is powered off and then on again, the leveling reference position must be re-determined.

    5. The elevator stops when the elevator stops on the first floor, and the door does not move: the smoke fire or thermal sensor in the building triggers the fire emergency landing function of the elevator.

    6. After the elevator is leveled suddenly, the door will not open, and it will automatically resume operation after a few minutes: the elevator (escalator) has been running for too long. The motor is overheated. To prevent the motor from cooling down, it will automatically resume operation after cooling.

    7. The elevator stops at a certain floor for a long time without moving or does not respond to outgoing calls: the elevator administrator may have activated the driver operation function.

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  • Passenger Elevator Factory Reminds You To Calm Down When Taking An Elevator
    The daily maintenance of the elevator must be carried out by the installation, reconstruction, maintenance unit or elevator manufacturing unit that has obtained permission in accordance with these regulations. The elevator should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least every 15 days. The daily maintenance unit of the elevator should strictly implement the requirements of the...
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